Go ноября на cs ставка 2018 8

» «Прогнозы и ставки на CS:GO. 7 августа Прогноз Heroic — MAD Lions (8 августа ), ставки и коэффициенты. 7 августаАвтор Lynk. CS:GO Прогнозы. 25 июля Прогноз Fate — AGF (25 июля ), ставки и коэффициенты. 25 июляАвтор Lynk. CS:GO Прогнозы. 18 июня Прогноз Vitality — FaZe (18 июня ), ставки и коэффициенты.

18 июняАвтор Lynk.

CS:GO: ставки на лучшего игрока года — топ 20 HLTV

CS:GO Прогнозы. 14 июня Прогноз MAD Lions — NiP (15 июня ), ставки и коэффициенты. 14 июняАвтор Lynk. CS:GO Прогнозы. Прогноз FURIA — Liquid (14 июня ), ставки и коэффициенты.

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Парни выиграли две последние встречи у Natus Vincere, но соперник сейчас набрал отличную форму и победил в шести матчах кряду. По нашему мнению, в такой игре должно быть три карты. Наш прогноз на матч: NaVi — Complexity. Ставка: ТБ(). Коэффициент: Get your bonus. Bonus % on your.

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91 thoughts on “Go ноября на cs ставка 2018 8

  1. cxllum

    It can’t just be me that thinks Astralis look like complete downers

  2. MostValuablePlays

    35:08 the deciding moment 🙂

  3. Some Dude

    this game seems really stupid. why does it show you where the enemies are through walls? I played CS way back in the day and enjoyed it, but this new game seems like a really dumb design decision

    • shocked pikachu face

      Youre fucking dumb

    • Carina de Velde

      They cant see their enemies threw walls we can

    • Popoy

      Some Dude what a fuvkng dumb comment

    • Parsa Mastouri Kashani

      It doesnt, youre just viewing the game not players view

  4. Raebert

    Like I know this was a while ago but how tf is CSGO still a thing

  5. Roy Diaz

    Taco el mas noob del torneo 😂

  6. JM G

    Get real, yall are uploading too late!

  7. Nobbinoob

    hvar jeg den eneste der så ham faren fra tæv din teenager

  8. Da Noob Pvper

    *Comments 68*
    Me: *_Nice_*

  9. Augustinas

    Elige nub who uses fk that sniper auto in pro match…

  10. dracenmarx

    Why can the players see the outlines of the other players?

    • Trixie C

      They can’t. It’s just the replay mode that let’s you see where the other players are

  11. Chase Christy


    Convince me that wasn’t an aim lock

  12. Dominic Victoria

    53:14 how the f did nitro not hit that.

  13. DJD5b

    embarassing how they are all balding this early


    What is the twitch channel that streams this ?

    • Trixie C

      You can usually just look at the live streams in yt

  15. Infernix

    For those who didnt get it, its a re-upload, because previous video was laggy.

  16. zach robinson

    the guys on team liquid seem quite rude when they walk in

  17. TheSilverPhoenix

    Ликвид красавцы!

  18. julle huu

    fcukm you coud take both of the teams alone

  19. Darwin Rodrigo

    Alguien que sepa bastante de Counter Strike global offensive

    Escribame para hacer plata $$

  20. Umut Bedir

    33:36 0.25 speed please ? SUSPECT AİMBOT ?

  21. Sunday BG

    Psh, they shouldve given the players better mice to play with. Fucking stupid. Shaking my head.

  22. Cristos Lee

    I thought it was finished already but ok

  23. Kragor Games - Funny Clips And More!

    Team Liqiud: Ignores every high five
    Astrails: High fives every person

  24. byugoi

    15:00 this girl is so cute I cant take it!

  25. The Observer

    lol at device using a P2000

  26. Atik Russell

    28:42 wtf.
    Sure they are cheating

    • Thea

      device was the one who killed him, the one with the awp on the lower right side

  27. Delete Acc

    Мне кажется что играть на просцене с аугом и сг это позор

  28. NikoPlayz - roblox and mincraft

    i am denish go australis
    LIke if you fink same

  29. Magos Errant Malleator

    Pistol round OP.

  30. doublevizzion

    why is twistzz such a prick

  31. Denis Monaro

    Magisk já está fazendo hora extra na Astralis.

  32. dylan kline

    This was cringeworthy. Cmon astralis…

  33. koondoog

    anyone else think the music at 10:26 sounds like something from the OG beyblade?

  34. Eeia •

    idk why team liquid players ignoring their fans like that?

    • katie

      @The-Lonely-Janitor 659 and they dont even play train


    remember when video games were played for fun?

    • NickEvershedMusic

      I can’t think of anything more fun

    • Lololong

      BernardoGameiroIsInnocent AtLeastTellHimWhatHeDid They are in a singular room and have undoubtedly had their PCs checked. No one here is cheating, its skill, hearing and knowledge of the map

  36. Maurício Araldi


    The saturation on Xyp9x monitor huahuahua

    good nvidia.exe

  37. Blooface

    So proud of twist I loved watching his old plays and knew he was instant world clas

  38. ゲームショー

    Many a little makes a mickle


    Ever noticed that the crowd only cheers whenever Astralis scores?

    • Magic iwnl

      Bruh danish crowd and astralis are danish too bruh

    • upwardemu

      OpWinston y u hate Americans so much bro chill

    • SI0AX

      Either because they are the underdog or its because it was the only team in which all members high-fived the audience.

  40. _PentaMasteR_ Reloaded

    Maybe I am noob, but can someone explain me why they prefer pistols than actual guns?

    • ImActuallyANiceGuy

      late answer, for eco so they have better economy->better weapons the next rounds

  41. Riseee

    that xyp9er guy looks 40+ and hes only 23

  42. Daisuke

    3:02 is one of the parents from tæv din teenager

  43. Ivan 25

    Im private rank 3 and when i finish death match give me skin but i dont have it in inventory why?

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