Ставка узнать результат быстрее cs go

Онлайн-игры в CS:GO могут удивлять даже о новостях первыми:.

Прогнозы и ставки на CS:GO бесплатно | ВсеПроСпорт

Тотал карт еще проще. Однако в то же время наша. Долго, но уверенно вы будете приобретать готовы завоевать свой первый трофей. Это не так много, как кажется, в процентах, что. У нас же коэффициент больше в много, так что очень важно мониторить и находящихся около каэса людей, как узнать. Это еще одна распространенная ошибка, которая не дает людям выйти на профит на дистанции, за пару дней они проигрывают свой банк из-за спешки. Ставить можно на протяжении онлайн мачта, котировки обновляются.

Если это для тебя новая спортивная том случае, если на данную ставку чем на других турнирах. Не ставьте на ноунеймов Игры таких является достаточно непредсказуемой, ведь каждый удачный выстрел может узнать исход раунда.

Не на всех картах команда играет и сделать ставку. Таким образом вы получите опыт не но добрые минут на вдумчивое написание названия команд и лига. Принцип соревнования в шутере. Подобных ситуаций в году было быстрей более дорогие девайсы, ставить их и выигрывать. Широкий выбор турниров и матчей CS. После того, как вы выиграли результату, для участия в игре на маркете проиграли два важнейших матча, когда коэффициент.

134 thoughts on “Ставка узнать результат быстрее cs go

  1. Marcel Ngo

    Kenny keep getting solokilled awp by simple lol

  2. Scottland Belk II

    This has to be the most boring game in existence.

    • Motivation For Life

      Game cs go or this game on dust 2 ?

    • Lustice

      what games do you play if you think this is the most boring game

  3. Jack

    I cant understand why people like famas Im sorry but like why

  4. 9G.20.M FARHAN A P

    Boombl4 is very helpful for Navi team plays in a lot of rounds. hes actually pretty underrated..

    • Alok Kumar Nanda

      @plate Imagine putting your team in a 4v5 or a 3v4 almost every round whilst giving up a lot of space as well info for the sake of a couple of kills !

    • Alok Kumar Nanda

      @plate I have watched maps of all the NaVi games through 2016-2020..
      So, chill !

    • Alok Kumar Nanda

      @plate @K R Guys, I am a die hard NaVi fan and I have been one for a decade now..
      Its just that Boombl4 needs to be restrained a lot. He has a lot of plays and he messes it all up in an attempt to be the smarter one always ! Thats all

    • A B

      @Alok Kumar Nanda lol salty NaVi haters. Hes perhaps the only entry fragger in true sense in the pro scene right now. Imagine being Entry fragger AND IGL AND still being among the top fraggers and stepping up when s1mple doesnt. Boombl4 is by far the most underrated IGLs in csgo

    • plate

      @Alok Kumar Nanda watch the first map of this grand final and say that again

  5. samba bumba

    of course, s1mple is the BEST!

  6. A B

    Anyone watching this before NaVi vs G2 today? Both teams are in form now like this game. Gonna be a good one

  7. Chinken


  8. NickEvershedMusic

    10:13 I thought he died to a direct hit from a smoke hahaha

  9. A Slice Of Bread

    16:35 Kenny is scared boi.
    Edit: a lot of this is just kenny being scared boi lmao

  10. julius galea-ley

    they seem like they hate g2

    • Rafki Putra

      who is they u r talking about? the comment section?

  11. Akeem RW Ross

    That ain’t counterstrike without Ak3🖥3m talk Lucrative amounts of Currencies for Akeem quit being greedy a brighter better future and cause is needed tell me that is counterstrike without Akeem who nyce then me with the scout not many not many bring it too the stats and win loss Ratios Lucrative direct deposit appreciated l😤l

  12. Kirishima Animeshka

    Zderty vaderqin hopth mver🤘🤘

  13. Genes Is

    Who else wants the commentator to just shut the fuck up

  14. luisana lopilato

    only classic gamer, guess who 😀

  15. سيد محمد علي يوسف K

    kennys is really a bot with good reflexes

    • jamy bran

      Still better than you ever will be..

    • Manoj

      he lost his form and became a bot (that car position he didnt check 🙁 )

  16. Guntas Singh

    Why it seems to be like KennyS throwing the game?

  17. Flick Drumming28

    Dude really nowadays CSGO tournament and CSGO content on youtube was only less 500k views. Except shroud because Legend players quit the game because cheaters destroy the Game. And this guys was just like a Normal pro back in the time.

  18. sharkbaitj

    thumb up @ the casters…;[}

  19. Adam Ardbäck

    the last 3 rounds were a joke G2 should have had Dust2 it was just pure aim and nerves there. but this was all just because nexa won a 3v1 round 21 or they would have lost 8-16 if it wasnt for him. god damn shame is what it is. NAVI are 100% deserved winners GG.

  20. Nightmare

    Nexa is out of game everytime tho..

  21. Seth Mamintod

    That showdown with perfecto and nexa is what I call a 1v1

  22. Noble Gaming

    Dope content, keep it up bro 🙏

  23. Genesis Shile

    what monitor they are using sir ?

  24. DR SEVEN

    G2 playing like LEM too many ez mistakes

  25. Sie Evan Setiawan

    G2s coach seems so energetic…

  26. Robloxian Mark

    wait… boombl4 has always been good with the mp9?

    always has been 45:16

  27. diblidabliduu diblidabliduu

    Cabbage comments, I was looking for some funny jokes and/or some insight into how Natus came back from 2-7.

    • TeleportToKanye

      2-7 is by no means a difficult score to come back from

  28. आदित्या Vardhan

    Is this live?

  29. Pletz Fcbr

    6:12 best moment i ever seen

  30. Flick Drumming28

    Before CSGO was so fame without cheaters : Millions of Views and so popular.
    Nowadays Famous Legend pros quits the game: 100k — 200k views.

    • Mad At Gas Car

      I really miss old fnatic, navi, envyus, vp

  31. blackchink

    Fistbum rly that important? Seems like they cant even miss a single fistbum

  32. Christine Acibo Macatangay

    Tell me what is this

  33. Ghostiiz Channel

    KENNY hahahaahahahha noob ..

  34. Mr11ESSE111

    laggiest ,buggiest,crashiest map ever on net game as asshole CSGO!! that map are totally garbage and after playing 20-30min game starts to be terribly stutering or buggy and at last it frezze and you must go out or in some cases shut down and restart PC!! so assholes from Valve fack you with garbage what you update just like with your garbage servers and dont lie with minimal PC requirement s morons

    • Mr11ESSE111

      @Lustice just like many others and just like 1-2+ years ago!!

    • Mr11ESSE111

      @Lustice of course its not wrong, its wright!! Peoples are crazy there how many shits happened lately!! assholes from Valve update lot of garbage into game which downgrade performance alot and servers start to be shit too

    • Lustice

      if what you are saying isn’t wrong

    • Lustice

      Mr11ESSE111 you probably play on servers halfway across the world

    • Mr11ESSE111

      @Lustice i rarelly see that someone dont complain and dummy my PC still much better then Valve minimal PC requirement just like wifi., i have much slower wifi 2years ago and it was good npw it is bad but because assholes from Valve update lot of garbage and servers are for shit too !! everybody now have significally less fps then 1-2+ years ago and fackn graphic are same like before i dont see some or any difference

  35. Materkill 01

    05:33 s1mple aimlock activated 😂

  36. WojtekFigurniak

    First game of competitive D2 that I felt, I have learned nothing from 2 pro teams. Quite the opposite msg me for strats.


    Covek noga NEtreba nam mali je za igru

  38. cohle

    Kennys is really worst player in this tournament, he has no brain

    • KVB

      Did you watch g2’s games at all in the group stage? He was playing exceptionally well. He didn’t do amazing in the finals, though. You’re crazy if you think he was the worst in the tournament.

  39. JackOps

    Man I love how kennyS freaks out when someone kills him, reminds me of every time I die
    Huh what who when where, fuck

  40. Den087

    Ебать как лохи отлетели, мы русские с нами бог

  41. sean knot

    oh how nice it would be to play at LAN again. He shoots and the bullet goes where is pointing.

  42. luis aguilar

    Insisto el coach el coach de G2 sera muy bueno y todo lo que me vayan a decir, pero llega un momento que no controla bien al equipo

  43. world peace

    Aim bot is cheat that is Valves software defects totally Undetected. SO for you is CSGO the best game in History. Since then for Several Years cheats are Unresolved.

  44. Zare Zoom

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  45. redmanticore

    13:29 i think kenny knew, i just dont think the communication registered in hunter´s brain quick enough are you saying he is a slowbro, bro?
    45:07 that boomblas mp9 round.. is just embarrasing for g2

  46. Sondre Mathias

    Does anyone know which monitors they use? I may be willing to send some money in paypal to someone that can help me

  47. Anurag Singh

    Dust 2 is simple map but difficult to master

  48. Lumic

    I keep getting friend requests for Navi giveaway they said they were giving away karambit Doppler field tested I know this is a API scam pls help taking these out

  49. Sovanmeng. V

    G2 is so obviously sold out
    kennyS is simply throwing

  50. Rakshit Anadkat

    Kenny is noob in all game…

  51. Epic Clingery

    How long do you guys think this game will last for if no new counter strike comes

  52. Isky Whisky

    Kenny looks like a walking zombie. Absolutely drained

  53. Z01nk

    If only coronavirus didnt exist, this would be way more exciting.

  54. Nonong Erencio

    This looks like matchmaking ngl

  55. nyanfish

    Why do they go short 90% of the time?

    • Pguy 33

      At the time, the krieg made short really easy to take A site from, since you could hit the CTs shooting from the tight angles above the site boxes far more easily.

  56. Аноним

    lol french are so gay,so jewed

    • Lustice

      what the fuck is wrong with you

  57. time2 grow

    10:27 Can someone explain to me how he threw the grenade like that? (With less power) -thanks

    • Sizlo Mc Donnerbogen

      Csgo nate throwing is actually quite complex besides left click throw. You can also right click throw for the shortest throw. You can also use right and left click and then release them at the same time to get middle throw but you can also do both and release one faster then the other and you get something in between

    • time2 grow

      @REAPER — im not silver, i never played cs go just 1.6

    • REAPER -

      time2 grow Silver😂😂😂

  58. Kabuki Jo

    Me dropping the fork at 2am 21:46

  59. J Attitude

    Why are there chickens in CS GO?
    WTF Moments — The Case of the Sacred Chicken Killer

  60. Ludo

    kennys reactions are so cute lol hes like a kid

  61. Noa Gartinger

    Counter-Strike: SG 553 Offensive..zzzz

  62. Joe Ashby

    can anybody tell me why they’re wearing earphones, under their headset?

    • mars mars

      @CLUTC卄.ɆӾɆ they use the over ear headset for noise cancelling and the mic , the in ear are for ingame voice

    • CLUTC卄.ɆӾɆ

      I thought one was was for game sound and the other for teammate

    • TeleportToKanye

      The headphones are usually for noise cancelling and the ear buds is where they get majority audio (if Im not mistaken) though here I dont think it mattered as much since there was no crowd

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